Medical Intelligence CBRNE has been shaped within the academics works in Experimental Medicine Research Field since 2015. Due to the cease of rights from the Department of National Defence to Captain (retired) Stephane Bourassa, CD, started in 2015 and completed in July 2016, the creation of the business model has been launched which is based on technological innovations and the several accreditations to be acquired with the governmental authorities.

The development of Medical Intelligence CBRNE inc (MEDINT CBRNE Group) started on the 23th July 2015 with the creation of a personal business and named MEDINT CBRN. On the 6 February 2017, the organization was incorporated. The 21st December 2018 the trademark for MEDINT CBRNE Group, Operation Compagnons d’armes and their respective logo has been submitted.

Many resources contributed in building MEDINT CBRNE Group. The business concept had been generated during a training offered by the Prince’s Entrepreneur operation. BCF Law Firm has assisted and been supervising the legal manners. The Cabinet JSDC (Société CPA inc.) has assisted with accountant services. Since 2016, the services Of Entreprenariat Laval have been used for developing the organization . In September 2018, MEDINT CBRNE Group has opened ticket for services with Entreprenariat de l’Université Montréal in order to maximize its development.

Members of MEDINT CBRNE Group are affiliated the health profession colleges (i.e.: CMO, OIIQ, etc), the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research and the Canadian Military Intelligence Association. MEDINT CBRNE Group itself holds a membership with the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries.

MEDINT CBRNE Group created on 28 January 2016 a community project in order to get involved rapidly toward the veterans in a homeless situation. The initial project name was Operation Buddy Check. On the 20 March 2017, the project led to the creation of a non-profit organization called Opération Compagnons d’armes. The registration of the trademark for MEDINT CBRNE Group includes the one of Opération Compagnons d’armes as above-mentioned. The relationship between the two organizations is inspired the one found between the McDonal Restaurants’s chain and the Foundation Manor Ronald McDonald.

One of the strategic objectives of MEDINT CBRNE Group is to offer to the Canadian Armed Forces veterans a second career pathway in the Defence of Canada and its Allied.


The logo of MEDINT CBRNE Group were initially created in June 2015 by Mister Kevin Kurtovich. Mister Stephane Bourassa added the letter ‘’E’’ to the logos at the incorporation of MEDINT CBRNE Group in February 2017. The logos are entirely owned by MEDINT CBRNE Group.

The official business logo of MEDINT CBRNE group is the one used while others aimed at stimulating the marketing of the organization.

On the 21st December 2018, Mister Stephane Bourassa ceased his right of the Opération Compagnons d’armes’s logo to MEDINT CBRNE Group. Opération Compagnons d’armes holds a license for exploiting the logo for its daily operations.

Old MEDINT CBRNE Group logo
Opération Compagnon d'armes logo
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